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For those who don’t know me which is 99.99% of the nation I started out with the interest of amateur radio from working with a company in Codicote Hertfordshire. They dealt with a whole range of Army/Marine/Air surplus equipment. You may remember AR88,R209, Type 88, R1475, R1155, R1154, B51, R41 and good old 19 sets; the biggest problem was the weight as you had to be strong to pick most of them up.

My job was to clean, fix and sell this radio equipment. Having a background in Radio and Television made it easy as they were all valves. I know you young folk don’t remember them but I loved working with them. A second hobby that I still play with today is OLD style hifi, Revox B77, Revox B750, 2 x sets of Kef speakers.

A very good friend of mine Bill G8IIZ and I used to make all sorts of valve amplifiers, then we moved on to transistor amps as we were lucky to get a tea chest of bits from the old Blue streak rocket at Hatfield.


Oops I digress, around 1997 I started a packet system on 2m and 70cm with 9600 baud link on 23cm to G0LGS group with about 10,000 files online for people to download. In those days files were small, everything ran on a Pentium 4 processor running DOS 6.2, people lost interest and this project came to a halt.

Packet Radio is one part of the hobbies I have always enjoyed. Now we can do away with the 9600 baud link on 23cm and connect to other system via the internet. We have better computers, better radios, and expensive TNC’s, but here I am again running Packet Radio.

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