GB7FF Started off just being a digital repeater. I discovered that there was no internet connectivity so I added wires-X, and that was a whole new ball game.

It is amazing how people want a repeater set up, but trying to please everyone it is not possible, so I can only the do the best I can and hope.

Then I found out the frequency I was on was only good for digital not analogue !!,  phase 2 was to  get new frequencies not just for gb7ff  but also for gb7fo.




So the big question was why?  The new frequency for gb7ff gave me all modes that I wanted,  but I learned that it over lapped the gb7fo frequency, and if anyone knows about Dual Duplexers, you cant do that.
What is a dual duplexer?  If you can imagine a single duplexer, now add an other with extra filtering and we end up with  a box that is heavy and big and must  be tuned for the new frequencies. PHEW!!

BM on Phoenix

TG2353 / Ref 4403 on BM is now accessible as a user activated talkgroup on all Phoenix UK repeaters via TG2353 Slot 1. So you may hear some Phoenix UK user traffic now on that talkgroup.

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