OS Software Unbuntu 14.04 LTS 32bit

For the OS I run Linux, there is two ways to run ax25, Internally eg: compiled with Kernel, or External stand alone Ax25 you compile it, I have done both, if you want to get your hands dirty and have fun with a few headaches, do it my way, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32bit, for those who want to compile it with the kernel, Opensuse Leap 42.2 or Debain 8, and before we go to far into this, the real brains behind all of this is Paul Lewis of GB7CIP, he looks a lot older now, and very grey, but loves (Cakes and Sausages:).

Hardware 4g Ram, 120gb SSD Intel I3

There are lots of PC’s you can use for running a Packet/BBS Ax25, But I did not want to use my desktop or laptop, So I looked around for value and the Shuttle or Mini Pc offered the best value for the money, but be careful, there are lots of versions, some with serial ports D-Type 9Way , and also some with DVI or VGA out puts, I am running an Intel I3, do not go bigger, because the software may not work, and please remember it has lots of software to run a BBS Node.

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