It has been a long time that packet / Node systems have been accessed by RF only, now we have the internet, so those people that wish to dip there toes into the muddy waters can have a go with out any expense, all is needed, is internet, xchat and putty.

Xchat is free for 30 days,

Putty is totally Free.

Please remember you don’t get access unless you register,

Name, Call Sign, Location,  Email, IP send to

To find your IP Click on this link

All data is used for access into the system, at any time you can ask to be removed from packet system, 48hours lead time for deletion.

This is how you access LinBBS (FBB)

First Time Ham Radio users, enter Call Sign which must be in QRZ, and Press “Y” to Continue, Enter your Details, logoff, send me an email.
Registered users Username = Callsign, Password will give you access.

g0wda putty

How to Connect to group 11 on the Armature Radio Chat network

Please remember this is packet radio, the speed = 1200baud, give time for others to reply, do not swear or be rude.

xchat g0wda

Access to GB7ESC Node

Use Putty on Telnet port 6301
No access given until registration is complete.


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