BM on Phoenix

TG2353 / Ref 4403 on BM is now accessible as a user activated talkgroup on all Phoenix UK repeaters via TG2353 Slot 1. So you may hear some Phoenix UK user traffic now on that talkgroup.

GB7FO Use 13/03/2019

After checking the stats of GB7FO for the last year, we have only 5 people using GB7FO, a big thank you to those people, but I am afraid that does not warrant the expense to keep it running, if GB7FO does not get more activity then I will take it off line, and hand back the frequency…

I will check back in 4 months, if no more use then I will pull the plug…

GB7FO Frequency change 15/03/2019

This will happen soon, at this moment I cant tell you, sorry I don’t make the rules..

Frequency change is now available from OFCOM

TX from Repeater = 430.9750 mhz
RX to Repeater = 438.5750 mhz

I can give you to get everything changed in your code plugs untill the 31st March 2019 12 Oclock midday.

If you have a problem call me…

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