General Data Protection Regulation

As of the 25th May 2018 the new regulation GDPR.

The cookie program,  I use your ip address to track where you are on the site so you don’t get lost, cookies dies in 48hours after leaving the website.

If you email me, then once I reply to you, then your email is deleted, no emails are passed on, or used for mail shots.

If you wish access to Gb7esc via internet then you will need to register with “Name, Call Sign, Location,  Email and IP”  The software requires this info,

and you can ask at any time to be removed from the system, 72hours is the lead time…

GB7FO/GB3BY Stores no information, your info is stored on other servers, to be removed from those servers go here

If you don’t want your information on any of the systems, Please don’t use them.

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